The Future of Digital Education

A collection of podcasts and blog posts discussing the role of technology in education

November 2017


The Role of eLearning in High School Education and Outreach – Jim and Greg (Part 1)

Perimeter Institute’s Greg Dick breaks down the role of eLearning in high school education and outreach, in the first half of his discussion with host Jim Cooper.

Gregory Allan Dick has 25+ years of experience leading and catalyzing change around the globe. He is a gifted educator, strategic thinker, communicator, and leadership expert. As the Director of Educational Outreach at the Perimeter Institute (PI), Greg has built a global education and advocacy network that spans more than 60 countries, driving STEM and scientific literacy around the globe. Greg and the Educational Outreach team at PI provide programs across Canada that share the power of theoretical physics with general audiences, develop high school age youth for the field, and support a network of educators with in-class resources. The Educational Outreach team also provides outreach expertise at major events around the world and through online resources. In this two part podcast, listen as Greg and Jim Cooper, President and CEO of Maplesoft, discuss the role of elearning in high school education and outreach.


Preparing For University with Online Courseware

This week, Alessandro Bogino discusses how secondary school students are preparing for university with online courseware, led by Dr. Steven Furino.

Alessandro Bogino holds a research grant at the University of Turin focused on the development of plugins needed for the automated management of thousands of users enrolled in and preparing for the TARM (Test for the Assessment of Minimum Requirements). In addition, he previously held a research grant at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Turin to collaborate on the realization of the project Orient@mente. The project involved the development of an open online platform focused on self-paced preparatory materials for use by secondary school students who intend to apply for scientific study at the University of Turin. In this podcast, led by Dr. Steve Furino, Assistant Dean of Online Studies at the University of Waterloo, he discusses his experiences creating preparatory materials using online courseware technology.


Making STEM education accessible to all: eLearning in Indonesia

Dr. Maydison Ginting shares his goal of making STEM education accessible to all, and discusses his plans to implement eLearning in Indonesia with Dr. Steven Furino.

Dr. Maydison Ginting currently serves as a member of faculty as well as the Head of the Department of Business Mathematics in the School of Applied STEM at the Universitas Prasetiya Mulya in Indonesia. Listen as he and Dr. Steve Furino, Assistant Dean of Online Studies at the University of Waterloo, discuss plans to implement online learning at the Universitas Prasetiya Mulya with the goal of further enhancing STEM education across all of Indonesia.


Supplementary Materials and Blended Learning

Dr. Matthias Kniebusch gives us his take on supplementary materials and blended learning in this week’s podcast, hosted by Dr. Steven Furino.

Dr. Matthias Kniebusch, Assistant Professor at the Hochschule Bremerhaven, a university of applied sciences in Germany, has been deeply focused on digital education for the past 5 years. He first introduced online assignments in mathematics as an initial step towards blended learning. Since then, he has developed online content in mathematics and in engineering mechanics and is now focused on bringing courses online as part of the Wind Energy Systems Program at Bremerhaven. In this podcast, he discusses his experience and future direction with Dr. Steve Furino, Assistant Dean of Online Studies at the University of Waterloo.