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Preparing For University with Online Courseware

This week, Alessandro Bogino discusses how secondary school students are preparing for university with online courseware, led by Dr. Steven Furino.

Alessandro Bogino holds a research grant at the University of Turin focused on the development of plugins needed for the automated management of thousands of users enrolled in and preparing for the TARM (Test for the Assessment of Minimum Requirements). In addition, he previously held a research grant at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Turin to collaborate on the realization of the project Orient@mente. The project involved the development of an open online platform focused on self-paced preparatory materials for use by secondary school students who intend to apply for scientific study at the University of Turin. In this podcast, led by Dr. Steve Furino, Assistant Dean of Online Studies at the University of Waterloo, he discusses his experiences creating preparatory materials using online courseware technology.

written by: Matt